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With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of making a great first impression. Our high-quality dealership cleaning service will guarantee that your facilities are kept in immaculate condition, ensuring that clients and their customers receive the best service and experience possible.

We offer flexible schedules so that we can give you the support you need when it’s convenient for you. Early mornings? Late in the evenings? Weekends? Any time to make sure our clients get the best solution and you can concentrate on running a successful showroom.

Key Areas

Floors – Most car showrooms have a high gloss tiled or polished floor that can show marks very easily. Speak to your commercial cleaning company about the best products for your floors, which may depend on the type of surface, and ensure that they can get around and beneath display vehicles to carry out a thorough clean.

High Traffic Areas – Entryways and spaces around dealers’ desks are usually the areas that receive the bulk of foot traffic. As well as making sure these areas are on high rotation with your cleaning team, it makes good sense to put down safety mats in doorways. They’ll prevent any accidental slips, particularly on wet days, and they’ll also pick up mud before people walk onto the floor.

Toilet Facilities – There is perhaps nothing more off-putting to a potential customer than unclean or untidy toilets. As well as being cleaned regularly and often, bins also need to be emptied, and toilet paper and paper towels need to be replaced.

Coffee Station – Many car dealerships offer coffee making facilities for customers now. It’s important to keep bench tops clean and tidy. Make sure there is an obvious lidded rubbish bin for disposal of used stirrers, sugar packaging and paper cups.

Wastepaper Baskets – These can often be overlooked. Have them emptied daily, as overflowing wastepaper baskets can make a dealer’s desk area look very untidy.

Desks – Make sure your dealers keep their desks free of clutter so they can be wiped down and disinfected daily. Dirty and untidy desks can give customers a less than professional impression of your business.

Windows – Car dealerships typically have acres of display windows. Make sure your cleaning service includes the windows in their regular cleaning schedule. If you’re experiencing a lot of bad weather, this job may need to be done more frequently to keep the windows sparkling.

Stairwells and Escalators – Make sure stairwells are swept regularly, and handrails are wiped down with disinfectant, as they can be prime places for cross contamination of cold and flu viruses.

Door Handles – Make sure that door handles are also disinfected and wiped down regularly – all door handles, not just those accessing toilet facilities.


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