ENTERTAINMENT/RESTAURANTS | Commercial Cleaning Services

"Improve Your Customers Experience"


At Countrywide Building Services, we understand that the first impression of your restaurant, dining areas, and behind-the-scenes areas like the kitchen and the pantries are extremely important factors that determine your success.

We are able to handle all kinds of cleaning tasks to guarantee your establishment looks professional and maintains the highest levels of hygiene.

As part of our restaurant cleaning service we can perform the following:

  • General deep cleans
  • Kitchen deep cleans
  • Washroom deep cleans
  • Floor and Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance
  • High pressure wash
  • Exteriors
  • Umbrellas and Canopies
  • Windows

We have a flexible schedule and are able to work quickly and efficiently. Your premises will be left at the highest level of cleanliness and your customers will be sure to have a positive and pleasant restaurant experience.

We offer total cleaning solutions that includes recycling of your rubbish. We can supply you with all your washroom supplies like toilet paper, hand towels, soap, dispenser etc. We can also provide you with Feminine Hygiene services, air fresheners, hand dryers etc.


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